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The structure and function of the ribosome

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Thomas A. Steitz

Ada E. Yonath

How chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase

Elizabeth H. Blackburn

Carol W. Greider

Jack W. Szostak

Discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP

Osamu Shimomura

Martin Chalfie

Roger Y. Tsien

Discovery of human immunodeficiency virus

Harald zur Hausen

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

Luc Montagnier


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1. What is the

2. How to become a member of

3. What are Member ID and password?

4. Can you tell me the password if I forgot my password?

5. How to post the profiles on the

6. How to post a request?

7. How to edit/delete my profile?

8. How to contact

9. How to find collaborators on the


1. What is the

This is a professional platform for you to connect with potential or real collaborators and share research information crossing institutional, cultural and geographic boundaries to accelerate innovation and creativity. It is designed to facilitate scientific collaboration among the global researchers to enhance your success.

2. How to become a member of

To give you the service on, you must become a member and accept the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of use". It’s free and very simple to get started.

3. What are member ID and password?

Your member ID is your E-mail address on But your password is the information that you link to your account. Keep it in a safe place.

4. Can you tell me the password if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your member ID, please click on the “Forgot Password”? We will email your password to you.

5. How to post the profiles on the

Before you post these profiles, you should become a member on If you are not a member, click on “Become a member” on the home page. If you are already a member, please log in and click the “post the profile” on your page to post your profiles. We highly recommend you to add a picture or photograph to your profile, which can establishes the trust.

6. How to post a request?

If you did not find the suitable labs, technology, or others, you can post a request. It is totally free. Click the “post a request” and enter the information required as the instruction. Your potential collaborators will contact you.

7. How to edit/delete my profiles?

To edit any of your profiles, login to your account and click the professional tools section. Select the profile that you wish to change or remove, then click the “Edit” or “Delete”. When you have finished the desired changes, click on "Update".

8. Can we send suggestions to

Yes, you can click the “contact us” button and send us your suggestions. is always open for your feedback.

9. How to find collaborators on the

There are three ways to find your collaborators. 1) You can post your profiles on Your collaborators will find and contact you; 2) You can also check the profiles on to find the collaborators you need; 3) If you do not find the interested collaborators, you can post a request on the, your future collaborators will contact you.

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