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About Us

Labs Link (centered in Texas ) is a one-stop medical testing platform that offers physicians and patients thousands of laboratory tests in a smooth, efficient, and science-backed manner. Once patients or their physicians place the orders, we will fully take care of the orders, including order confirmation, drop-shipping the test kits, requisition forms, phlebotomy, sample collection, return packaging with samples to the labs, troubleshooting, etc. Learn more at

Advantages to physicians (providers) include:

1. An extension of your care team
2. Order thousands of tests in one place
3. All CLIA certified laboratories
4. You place orders, we take care of the rest
5. Easily review orders and reports
6. Wholesale prices for you or your patients
7. Save your care team 10-15 hours weekly
8. Concentrate on patient care, not administrative work
9. Step-by-step guidance for your patients
10. No worries before, during, or after tests
11. Flexible pricing model based on your needs

The advantages of patients including

1. Thousands of lab tests in one place
2. All CLIA certified laboratories
3. Safe, secure, and private
4. Professional help throughout the process
5. No worries before or after tests
6. No appointments or referrals needed
7. Lowest prices offered by medical labs
8. No tax or hidden processing fee
9. Detailed receipts for reimbursement
10. 100% satisfaction guarantee




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