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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to (“Labs Link” or “Site”). is owned and operated by Multiwin International S&T Group, LLC, and is solely responsible for the functionality and features found throughout the Site.

1. Application and Acceptance of Terms of Use Agreement.

1.1 For purposes of this Agreement, a “Member” is any person who accesses the Site for whatever purpose, regardless of whether considered visitor, lab, registered practitioner, or paying customer. The member must be at least 18 years of age or a legally organized entity which may be represented by such person under actual or apparent authority.

1.2 The information offered by member in the registration form is accurate and complete, and you will maintain and update such information during the term of the Terms of Use so that it will remain accurate and complete.

1.3 By using the Site you acknowledge our Terms of Use as legally binding. If at any time you disagree with the Terms of Use detailed below, stop usage of the Site. Additionally, by becoming a member of the Site you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

1.4 Please periodically review these Terms of Use, as they may have changed without notice. Multiwin International S&T Group, LLC reserves the right to change or terminate any features or functionality of the Site without notice.

2. Definition of Service

Labs Link is a medical information service company which helps patients and practitioners (members) address the efficiency of laboratory tests via information services. Labs Link just provides medical testing related information and helps members efficiently complete the tests through its platform. Labs Link does not provide any medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or other medical services.

Labs Link and a member are NOT in a doctor-patient relationship. The medical information provided by Labs Link’s experts is ONLY for use by members or their practitioners. They are never used to any legal or administrative proceedings. Labs Link disclaims all warranties and will not be held liable to any members for any indirect, incidental, or punitive damages such as loss of economic advantage, no matter how it arises, whether it is negligence by any party, or from any other service on the Site. Total liability for all direct damages occurring with respect to this Terms of Use will not exceed the total amount paid by the member through in the three months prior to the claim date.

3. Links

Labs Link may not control third party sites or advertisements. The member agrees that is not liable for any content, advertising, products, privacy policy or other materials contained in third party sites or advertisements. The member warrants that will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with the use of any such content, products or services available on or through any third party web sites or advertisements.

4. Provider terms

Providers must be licensed in good standing as a physician or practitioner in the state which services are furnished, and are authorized to practice in your states. We may require you to provide us with your NPI, license copies, etc. to verify your qualifications. Based on some jurisdictions, providers may need to provide disclosures to patients to charge patients more than the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for the tests you order from the site. Labs Link does not offer patients any medical advice, diagnosis, treatments, or any care services. So providers are solely responsible for their practices, including the tests through our site. Providers need to follow the related laws and regulations, such as HIPAA, business associate terms, etc.

For e-signature, we will need your e-signature to place your orders for your patients, generate requisitions, register you under Labs Link’s account with labs, have labs bill Labs Link for your orders, and review your patients’ reports from your account. You agree to the uses above with your e-signature. Of course, you can withdraw your e-signature or consent at any time by sending an email to Your account will be deactivated without your e-signature.

If the provider is an employee of a hospital or other entity, the provider must be authorized to enter the BA (Business Associate) terms. Labs Link uses the minimum necessary PHI (protected health information) to perform the testing services with the partner labs under the terms.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1 Labs Link is the sole owner of all the intellectual property, including the copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, trade name, database (transferred or received by member), domain name, any software, application, graphics, text and other materials used in the Site. The Terms of Use does not grant the members any rights above.

5.2 The member may not develop any derivative software based on any intellectual property of The member may not take any action to infringe upon Labs Link’s rights.

5.3 Labs Link also respects the intellectual property of others. Labs Link may, at any time, terminate your accounts or terminate access of members if you infringe the intellectual property rights of others. If you find that your copyright has been infringed by others in the Site, please offer the following information to the agent of, including the copyrighted work, the URL, your contact information, statement with the signature of owner or authorized people, and all else deemed necessary.

6. General

6.1 Labs Link has the right to change or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) the services in Labs Link without notice to members. Members agree that will not be responsible for any losses or damages from the discontinuation or interruption of the service.

6.2 The services of Labs Link are based on many factors, such as software, hardware, labs, providers, or networks, etc. Thus, Labs Link cannot guarantee that the service is timely or uninterrupted. Labs Link can terminate the service of the current or future members at any time.

6.3 Terms of Use constitute the whole relationship between Labs Link and the member. The Terms of Use will be interpreted only in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, and any legal proceeding arising out this Terms of Use will occur exclusively in the courts located in Houston, TX . Only writing amendments to the Terms of Use will be effective.

6.4 If any provision of the Terms of Use is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid, or against the law, the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use will remain in full force.

6.5 Any violations of the Terms of Use may be reported to


Labs Link provides medical test information and helps patients and practitioners efficiently complete the tests through its platform. Labs Link does NOT provide any medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or other medical services. Labs Link and a member are NOT in a doctor-patient relationship. Labs Link does not guarantee the accuracy or success of any tests given through the labs or practitioners. does not warrant that the tests or services will be free from defects or errors. Labs Link will not be liable for the quality of testing given by labs or practitioners. By using this site, you must accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You agree that you are at your own risk for any services and that is not responsible for any losses resulting from the use of By submitting a request here, you explicitly agree that Labs Link is not responsible for any tests that you receive, and you also agree to hold Labs Link harmless from any loss or damage resulting from any service you use on the site.

Last Updated: January 8, 2024

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